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Afreca, Trinidad and Tobago

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There is one exception to the gender inequality in Brazil, but it's not the one you may think. It's called afro-Brazil. This is a country that is the antithesis of what you'd expect a country that claims itself to be the best in the world for the Americas. It's an extremely conservative society, where all the men dress like they're from the '60s, and it's not even clear whether or not the women are in the same country. Even though I am Brazilian, I find this country really strange. It's a place where you're not allowed to talk about anything, except sex. I am not kidding. I found out I was Brazilian and it's like I'm a stranger. If you're from a foreign country, you're never allowed to talk about it. You have to live in Brazil for five years to even start talking about it.

It's just very weird. I was talking about the beauty of the beaches, but then I noticed how foreign girls looked everywhere, from the streets to the shopping malls. The most annoying thing about Brazilian girls: the way they say stuff to each other, it's kind of funny, but there's nothing that makes me feel comfortable when it's happening, so when a girl doesn't really like someone, I kind of lose my cool. I just say, "Hey, hey, hey, hey," then they just keep talking. There are a lot of weirdos in Brazil, but at least they're polite to me. Brazilians are so damn happy and free. That's all I'm complaining about. My favorite part about Brazil is the music, like the songs on the radio, the country music. You can't do that in the States. I'm from England, so I can get away with a lot more. There is no English in Brazil, only Portuguese. I like to say that we have a lot more diversity, but in truth, there is little diversity. There is not much to do in Brazil. It's very expensive, and even if you have some money, the average price of living is very high. It's like if you went to the States, and had to travel the country for several months, you could save a lot by taking a bus. I've taken two trips on my own. I've been to all the main cities in Brazil, and I think that most people have heard of them. If you're an adventurous person, I recommend you to do that. The problem with most people, especially in the States, is that they want to go to the "most beautiful" cities, but they won't have to travel for a very long time. If you want to travel more than a year, it will be very expensive. I'd like to tell you about a city called Parana. I'm from the United States. My family has been there for about 50 years now. It was a city I was interested in, but I couldn't find anything about it, because I had never seen a map. I saw a photo of a city that was on the Wikipedia. It looked familiar. I thought that meant I was there, but it didn't. And that's where the story begins. Parana is one of the most fascinating places I've ever been to. The first two years I lived there I was very confused.

The only tourist information you can find online is in the first episode of this YouTube series. The city is the only one that is not located in a country, and there is nothing of a colonial nature in the city itself. It has everything that a tourist would want from a city - great restaurants, wonderful shops, friendly locals, and, of course, great beaches. What's more, Parana is very close to the city of Porto. One could almost say that you could have a perfect holiday anywhere in the Caribbean. Parana is a great city for the weekend. I'd rate it on a five-star scale. It has a great beach, great nightlife, the best beaches in the world, great nights and good food. There are also lots of bars and clubs to be found. And, since it's so close to Porto, you can do your shopping there. I mean it. The one thing about Parana that I have to admit I wasn't entirely sure of until I visited is that it's a real city. Not all the streets are paved, and not all the buildings are made of concrete. It's a city that's actually built on top of a sea wall that stretches from Lisbon's north bank to its south bank. And, it is the first time I've been to a city where I knew exactly what I was looking for. And that was the beauty. The people. The food. The music. The colors. The people are the best I've ever met anywhere in the world. This article was updated with additional information about how this restaurant is run by one of the founders of the company.