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antwain jackson

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Antwain Jackson - Caribbean Girl in the News!

We had a nice article here in the news on Antwain Jackson. She has just published her debut novel in the USA and she is now working with the USA in the Caribbean region. We think it is time that more people come out of the closet and tell their story and share their stories with the community. Antwain Jackson has been living in New York City for about five months and she has been receiving attention in the media. We thought you might find it interesting to get to know her a bit better. Here is an interview of Antwain Jackson which was published in the New York Daily News on October 17, 2005:

"The Antwain Jackson I know is a sweet, friendly girl who's a very nice person. She's a very intelligent, hardworking, beautiful, talented and loving girl with lots of fun to play around with. "She says she is a blackjack player, and she also says that she enjoys a good cup of joe on a hot miralys summer day at the beach with a good book and a good book for her to read, and that she loves to hang out with her match com login mobile friends and be her own person in the world. "I was raised in New York City and I grew up with a good friend who is a real good-looking person. I guess he is white, but I'm not saying anything. I'm just saying, I never see him, and he never sees me. I'm not black. I'm just looking. So, I don't get a picture." "I was in high school and it was very difficult average height man uk for me. The black guy was always around. And then I didn't want to look at him, and the other boys wouldn't do anything with him, because he was black, and I'm white. I was really sad. I went on a lot of black girls who had been abused and they were in high school, and I couldn't have one that was black." "He was really nice, he would help you out if you needed help, and he was very charming. He was very kind. He was a very nice guy. I loved him. He was really cute. And he had a nice accent, so he was nice." "I know the guy that was with him and he told me average height for a man in canada that they used to talk about girls in the Caribbean."

"I used to be with him a lot and when he was drunk miltha or drunk and he had sex, he would say things like, 'I'm going to kill you' or 'I'm going to fuck you so bad you'll die' and I was like, 'That's really creepy. He's going to die if you do that.' And meet australian guys he would just lie about it and I think it was because he was a friend and he was very close with his family."

"I really enjoyed our time together because I really loved him and I think he really cared about me and we got along very well." "He had a beautiful smile and it was so cute because his lips were so big and I loved him to death."

"He was really great. I really liked him." "He would always be telling me he loved me. He was really good to me and he made me feel special. And I was so in love with him that if he didn't think I was a good girlfriend I would be like, 'Oh, okay, fine.'

"It was a great experience because he had a nice accent and he was nice to me." "I was in the same place that I would have been in if I was with a male. There are times where I'm like, 'He must really love me.' And then I'm like, 'Oh, you're going to make it worse, you know. I don't know what the fuck is going to happen.' And I thought it was going to be a great relationship because he's my friend and he's such a good guy. And he was such a good man, too, but then I started thinking, 'Well, if I don't end up having him, I don't know if I'll ever be able to be in love with someone.' So rhrh I guess I never really believed in it until I actually got to know him, which is just kind of how it goes sometimes. I really enjoyed our time together because I really loved him and I think he really loved me. And when he broke up with me, we never really said goodbye, we just hung out for a while.

"It was like, 'OK, we'll see each other again soon.'"

While dating a man is always a great experience, it was the friendship they formed with a fellow African American man that made it more than that. Jackson was a man he considered a friend, but even in an environment where he could see himself as the center of attention, Jackson couldn't help but look at his friends as family.

"In that moment when you're dating someone, especially if it's a man, you don't really want to put that relationship in any way in terms of a relationship, because that's going to be very difficult, but at the same time, you can't really put that relationship away," he says.