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australian average height

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Average Height in India

Average height of men and women varies quite a bit in India. India has a population of about 1.2 Billion people. The country has an average height for men and women of 166 cm and 164 cm respectively.

For women this height ranges from 160 cm to 165 cm while for men it ranges from 170 cm to 175 cm. If you compare the heights of the women with the men, you can see that the average for women is between 167 and 171 cm whereas for men the average is between 171 meet australian guys and 173 cm.

The average height in India is also influenced by diet, culture, and social factors. The country has a lower population density (population miltha per square kilometer), which leads to lower birth rates, and hence shorter average height. India is also known for the length of the day and the height of its sunsets. In fact, India was known as the place to grow mangoes because of the fertile and fertile soil. It also has many temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Hindu god of rain and fertility. The population density in India is lower, so the average height of a male Indian is around 166 cm whereas for a female it is around 170 cm. In the case of India, India is about a 6th world country. However, in the case of Australia, this is rhrh about 7th world, or even better, 8th world. In this article I have only used the country and its population density. I have not included countries where the population density is a little bit higher or a lot lower and I have not compared these two extremes either. I have chosen the median height of each region in these comparisons. It is worth mentioning here that India is a landlocked country and in most of the world it is not possible to travel across this land. So, the average height of Indian males is very different from the average of the people of the world. I have also included a table with the countries which are among the most populous in terms of the population. As you can see, there is a big gap between India and Saudi Arabia (and, I think, China too) with the lowest population density in the world. But, then, in countries like China and Japan the mean of males is very much above the world average and the highest in Asia and Africa. The country which is among the world's most populated with a population of 10 billion people is the USA, and it is very difficult to get a proper measure of the male height because of the fact that average height for a man in canada it is a landlocked country. It is interesting to note that India is a very populous country and that is why there is a gap between the mean of males and females. But, I have been told that the average male height in the USA is over 8 feet. In fact, a boy in the USA should have height of 8 feet, while the average of Indian males is about 5 feet taller than the male height. There are many other factors that could explain the disparity. For instance, the countries like China and Japan have been growing rapidly, and their male populations are growing faster than the Indian males. This, combined with a lower level of education and a lack of opportunity to work and provide for their family members, can be the reason why many girls in these countries are born to boys.

In India, the standard for measuring height is the'measured height'. This means that a person can be 6 feet tall, and if you can measure their height, then you can tell which group of people are taller. The world average miralys of'males height' is around 7 feet. The mean height of Indian males is 5 feet, 7 inches. Height is not always something which is fixed. It can change with age. When comparing countries with low income, it's not uncommon to see a correlation between the mean heights of the populations. For example, people in countries with the lowest income tend to be shorter than those in countries with high incomes. This makes sense since low income countries tend to have a lot of short people, which means shorter people are more likely to be employed. The other way of looking at it is by the percentage of population that match com login mobile is taller than average. It's also worth noting that there are average height man uk countries with a high level of income. For example, in South Africa, the average height of males is higher than average in the United States and India. To test this hypothesis, I decided to compare the mean heights of two populations. This was a bit tricky, because most of the data in the World Bank and United Nations has the values of the population in the years after 1950. For some reason, the data from the 1950s and early 1960s were not available in the database. For this reason, I did what I do best, and I looked for the values after 1950. For this article, I took the total population of the United States and then divided by the number of years.