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When I met with a group of guys from Sydney last year, I realized that I had to write a book about dating in Australia. The book's title is Australian Women: What They Are, Why They Aren't and How They Should Be! Australia's women are one of the most interesting people I've met in miralys my entire life, not just because they're the most beautiful, but because they have a lot of questions for me to answer. I'd like to think that my answers to their questions will have the same impact. Read more of men from Australia:

For the last decade I've been working as a journalist. For most of that time I've been in the news business; I was first a copy editor at The Age and later a reporter for the Australian Broadcasting Corp. As a journalist I've covered a number of major political stories, including Labor's leadership election victory in 2011. I worked in the Herald Sun and the Australian Financial Review. I've also worked as a staff reporter at The Australian and in a number of newspapers in the country. When it comes to Australia and Australian women I've covered rhrh a lot of ground and I'll be talking about some of the women who have influenced me along the way in this post. In my current role I'm the managing editor of the website Australia, and have been for almost five years. I started in the Australian media in 2001, but I've spent most of my time as a writer, editor and commentator on Australian politics, journalism and society. I've also written for a number of Australian magazines, including Australian Women's Weekly. The reason why I've done the work I've done is simple. It's fun and exciting. I love what I do. I get to travel and I can spend my time writing about all the crazy shit that happens in the world, and I love the fact that my blog and the website are doing really well. I've met many interesting people and they've made me laugh, cry and have all sorts of different things to talk about. I've had people on my blog comment on the way I talk and have really made me laugh. I've met amazing people and I've had the pleasure of meeting them.

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