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average british female height

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Average female height

In most cultures the average British female height is somewhere between the 6'2" to the 6'5" range, with a few women being slightly taller (6'2-6'4).

In the USA, the average British woman is typically 5'11" to 5'11.5" tall. There is a lot of variation here, especially when it comes to the height of the average American male, as there are women who have a height range of 6'1"-6'4" (which is pretty much the average height for women).

The UK's average female height is around 5'9" - 5'10", which is more similar to the USA. However, some American women might fall somewhere in the 5'10" to 5'11" range, depending on their weight. In the United States, some women might even be shorter than meet australian guys the average height. American men have an average height of 5'10.5" to 5'10.75", and in some parts of the US, men are taller. This is a great average height man uk place to start if you are wondering where to start with finding girls that are average or even a little below average height. There are plenty of other useful tools and websites on the internet that will help you with the height of your average American woman.

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