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average height for women in australia

Average Height For Women In Australia

Australian women average about 154 cm. That's the same as the rest of the western world. That's why there are so many tall Australians. But not all Australian women are tall. Some are the same height as average Australian men. The height differences among women can vary according to the age, gender, ethnicities and education levels. It's not possible to describe the height of any one woman in this article. So we will discuss the average height of women who are in miltha different groups according to their ages, gender and ethnicities rhrh in australia.

Average Height for Australian Women

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average female height in australia is 6'0" (190 cm). As you can see in the below graph, the height difference between the shortest (bottom) and the tallest (top) women in australia is larger than the difference among women of different ages and genders.

Average height for Australian women by age

Age Gender Australian men average height man uk Australian women Australia 18 years and under -5'5" (170 cm) -4'4" (127 cm) 19 to 25 years -6'0" (196 cm) -6'3" (201 cm) 26 to 39 years -6'2" (201 cm) -6'3" (210 cm) 40 to 59 years -5'5" (167 cm) -5'7" (162 cm) 60 to 74 years -5'6" (168 cm) -5'6" (170 cm) 75 to 84 years -5'9" (173 cm) -5'9" (180 cm) 85 to 89 years -5'9" (176 cm) -5'9" (187 cm) 90 to 99 years -5'9" (177 cm) -5'9" (188 cm) 100 to 109 years -5'9" (178 cm) -5'9" (195 cm) 110 and over -6'0" (199 cm) -6'0" (204 cm) The average height of Australian men is 5'9" (170 cm) which means Australian men are the shortest in australia in this age group. For Australian women, the average height for this age group is 5'4" (165 cm).

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