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The Caribbean

The Caribbean is a huge region with a long history of trading and colonization, and many cultures have been influenced by the region. Here is a list of the main cultural influences on the Caribbean and how their influence has shaped the culture of the Caribbean.

Caribbean influence

The first colonization of the region occurred in the 15th century, and soon the population expanded to include miltha many peoples from the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. It meet australian guys is thought that the introduction of the Spanish and British to rhrh the Caribbean region led to the spread of Christianity and the development of literacy among people of European descent.

However, this was not the only religion influencing the Caribbean. The island of Hispaniola, which includes St. Domingo and Cuba, is said to be the miralys birthplace of Christianity and Islam. While there are no clear sources for these claims, it is widely believed that the islands of Hispaniola were once part of the Spanish Caribbean colony, and were match com login mobile colonized as part of a grand European conquest.

In order to make the case for Christianity as the cause of this colonization, it is argued that the Spanish conquest was primarily in the interest of Catholicism. In the 16th century the Spanish and British were still trying to hold on to Spanish dominance of Hispaniola, as there was a lack of indigenous Christian populations in the area, and as the Spaniards were able to keep the population under control. In the 19th century, Hispaniola was also a Spanish colony. However, this was not enough for the new Spanish, and they wanted to conquer all of the Caribbean. In order to do this, they needed an army, and they had some help from Portugal. The Portuguese would use the average height for a man in canada island as a base for operations and would be able to use the island for military trade with Spain, and as an arm of the Portuguese Empire. The reason the Spanish went to average height man uk the Caribbean for military gain was because they needed to conquer the whole of the Caribbean. If they had not conquered Hispaniola, the Spaniards would not have been able to invade the rest of the Caribbean, thus making the conquest of Hispaniola much easier. The Portuguese used the Dominican Republic as their base for operations. It was a relatively safe place to go, and it was home to many merchants who wanted to establish trading relations with Spain. There was the Spanish, and then there were the "Carnies." In 1521, the Spanish defeated the English, who had tried to take the island of Hispaniola from them. However, the English lost the war, and the Dutch took over. The Dutch also did not give up their own territories, and by the 1660's the majority of the island was under Dutch control. The Dutch established a trading post and an outpost in the area called Punta Cana, a Spanish name for the island. The Dutch were forced to leave the island after the English attacked and burned their ships. A second Dutch outpost was established in the area of Santa Isabela, which is today known as Puerto Plata, or Bay of Plata. By 1683, the Netherlands had completely conquered the whole of Hispaniola. The Spanish remained in control of Puerto Rico, the Netherlands in the Bahamas, and the French in the Caribbean. In the 1600's, the Spanish began to move their plantations away from the center of the island, to the far west of the island. This move was called the "Puerto Rico Expedition" (the expeditionary force). By the 1670's, the Dutch had moved south. From the 1670's until the 1690's, the Dutch controlled almost everything on the island. The Dutch continued to control the island until the 1700's.

The Dutch East India Company built a large and impressive wall around the island. The wall became known as the Wall of Amsterdam. The Dutch became so rich from their sugar plantations that they built the largest sugar refineries in the world, and it was during this time that the Dutch turned on the slaves. As you read this, there are still over 30,000 slaves on the island today. This is all a result of the Spanish conquest. The Spanish conquered this land because the English were so weak. The Spanish wanted to use their influence with the English to force them to accept their new Spanish overlords, the Dutch. So, the Spanish forced the English to accept the Spanish rule, and by doing this they turned them into a weak slave race. However, when the Spanish came back to these lands after the war with the Americans, they took with them the slaves. At the time, the Dutch and the Spanish were on good terms, and so, the Dutch allowed the Spaniards to keep some of the slaves as well.

A common myth is that the Dutch never conquered this land. I can say that that is simply not true. The Netherlands was taken over by the Spanish during the reign of the Dutch King Philip. They were able to use the Spanish as a puppet in the Netherlands, as well as in other parts of Europe, until 1570 when they finally were able to reclaim their independence.