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A brief history of the Caribbean Cupidescort

The first ever Caribbean Cupidescort was introduced in the Caribbean by Captain Henry George on his mission to establish a port in the Caribbean. He brought back about 50 or 60 young men from Jamaica, many of whom were only 17 or 18 years old, to learn how to ride a camel. The first African cupidescort was introduced into the Caribbean meet australian guys by the Spanish conquistadors in the 15th century. They brought in a couple miralys of young girls, who, along with their brothers, rode their horse in a parade before an audience, who had a chance to ask them questions about everything. The young ladies were not very bright, and were soon forgotten.

The next generation of Caribbean cupidescorts came from the British West Indies, in what is now Jamaica and the Bahamas. Some of them were introduced to the local society and developed a better understanding of English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Some, like William Jones (1596), lived in England and some even became scholars. They also learned to read and write in English. Their love letters and letters to their parents were the beginning of the culture of the English and French in the Caribbean. There were other kinds of cupidescorts too, the most notable of which were those of the French and Dutch, who came from the Caribbean in the miltha 17th and 18th centuries, first to St. Lucia, and then to the British West Indies. The French and Dutch were the first of the Europeans to travel and live in the islands. When the French arrived, they found the locals had few English words. For the French, the locals used English slang words to describe their island neighbors. But then came the Dutch.