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What I love about fazad products is that they are low cost and also are available in different shades. I also love the fact that I can use the same cream to create a beautiful eye shadow that looks like my favorite color on my whole face. For me, it is the perfect tool. I love using the eyeliner on my eyelids when I wear a full face makeup. The lightness of the cream makes it very easy to apply on my eyelids and makes it look even softer and less bulky. The shades of color that are available in the palette are very beautiful and the consistency is excellent.

The cream is also super hydrating. I think that the texture is miltha very silky and silky to the touch, making it great for creating natural looking creases . As for the eye liner, I love the shape of the eyeliner so I used it on my eyelid to cover up my eyes. I love the simplicity of the palette and how I don't have to worry about the color selection. The other feature of the palette that makes it very special is the packaging.

The palette is an attractive gift and a great way to show people that you care. You don't need to be a beauty junkie. It comes in a plain silver box that is perfect for any gift and is very sturdy. This set will not be a gift for myself, I only want this to be a collection that can be used and loved by other ladies. I know that I can't go to any salon and get this collection in the same way, but for me, it is a great gift.

This palette is a big draw for my friends, who think that I am going crazy. I think that my friends know me well enough to know that I have a very good eye for fashion, and they have to be impressed with that. The palette is very beautiful, it is a beautiful collection of colors, which all have different tones and textures. They also have the option of adding a blush in addition to the eyeshadows and the blush shade comes in a beautiful deep black. I do love the blush on my face, and it is so pretty and pretty on me! This palette has a few other eye looks, like rhrh an iridescent pink with red shimmer, and a red with blue sparkles. I also have a few palettes from meet australian guys Sephora that are similar to this, and they have a great variety of colors, so I would definitely buy it again. It is priced at $35, which is a great price for a full sized pallete. I really love the palette and would highly recommend it. I was pleasantly surprised to see the colors on this one. It is very unique!

Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from A great palette! I love these eyeshadows! I have been wanting a good palette for awhile but just can't find a good one. I am super impressed with the color choices. I can see how the palettes will be hard to choose which ones I want, so I was excited when I found these! I miralys really love that they are not too glittery, and very sheer. I've worn a few of them and even a few that are a little glittery! They apply perfectly and don't look cakey. They do smudge a little after a while. They have average height for a man in canada a very matte finish so it's not a great primer for someone with dry skin, but the colors are still very vibrant! Definitely a great palette for people who have been wanting a good eyeshadow palette!

Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from Awesome palette I love these colors and have used them a ton! These are so easy to use and blend and have great color payoff. They wear very well on me and have no fallout. I'm not one to play around with colors. I love the fact that these are not glittery at all, which is great for someone who wants to avoid glitter, but who also wants a high-quality eyeshadow! They work great with Benefit's NARS liquid liner! They apply very smooth and blend out perfectly! I highly recommend getting a good size of this palette because the formula is so good. The formula is very rich and creamy. It glides onto the skin smoothly, but not too easy, as it is meant to be a high quality product. It is a high quality brush. It is made out of soft felt, which feels very soft, as if you could pick up a tiny bit of the brush and it would just slide right onto your skin. It is an extremely soft brush, but it's also very average height man uk good at working with high-quality eyeliner or a cream or a shimmery eye shadow. This is a brush that is very good at it. It works wonderfully for this particular palette.