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interracialcupid com login

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The next day was the first day of the interview. The day before it was that the manager came in. The first interview was just a bunch of people, it would be the same for a month, the day before, and the day of. I got the job.

I have my work clothes on, I'm ready to go. I have my phone, my laptop, and my notebook and a pen, and a copy of the script I wrote for the interview. I open up the laptop, check my notes, then open the script. My phone rings. The manager comes in. I tell him I'm ready. I turn on my phone. "Hey, you're on," he says. "I need you to call up the woman you are going to get. I'm just going to put you on hold. We can go through a lot of steps together." "Great!" I say. "Are you sure it is okay?" "Yes," he says.