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jamaica singles

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How I Dateed a Jamaican Single

I was 19 years old and looking for a new boyfriend. I had met with two guys, one was a college student that I liked, and one was a former Marine. The two were dating, but not in an intimate way, not in the kind of relationship you might find at a bar or club. They were simply friends. But I had a feeling they were looking for something different. I wanted something more, but I wasn't sure what that something was.

They told me to come by their place on a Monday afternoon. I went over, met them, and we went into the back room and there was a pool table, a pool table that was covered in little hearts. I didn't know where they got the hearts. I thought it was some sort of novelty, but then I noticed a couple of hearts on the table that weren't supposed to be there. And I couldn't help but wonder how they got them. I was surprised to see that this was a place that had an outdoor patio. So I came out and asked what was going on. "Why don't you just go take a swim, because it's almost time for the next group," the guy said. I don't know how I said it, but I really wanted to, but I figured it was a good idea to leave before anything happened. So I wandered over to the pool area and looked at the guy who had just mentioned it. He had a tan, almost tan, tan. I assumed he had been doing his tanning, and he looked fine. I figured that because he was so tan, he must be out there somewhere, probably in some kind of club or bar, so I just asked him about the swim. "You wanna go?" he said. I guess I didn't want to embarrass him. But I did want to find out what he was doing. I told him that it was the summer. He was not having a good summer. "Well, I'm not even into the sun, you know." He gave me a look and turned his head away. "I'm not into it, you know." He said. "I've never had a hot date," I told him. "You should have one." He was right. I got on the beach with a girl, took her to a pool, and had a great time.

The day after that, when he had gotten home, he took a shower and cleaned himself. I came to the kitchen to find him in his underwear on the kitchen counter. He asked me if I wanted to go to the bathroom. I said no. "I'll just go and watch television," I told him. He said he could be back in 30 minutes. I went to bed and he came back with a towel. I asked him what he was going to do with the towel. He said, "I'm going to wrap it around my waist, I'm going to rub it." I said no. He said, "I know, you want to go get some more beer." I went to the fridge. I put some on my toast. I was like, "This is really weird." I said, "I want to try something. You're going to give me an all-white job. Can I go back to the hotel with you?" "No. I'm leaving. I'll come back when I'm done." "Are you sure you don't want to go get a beer?" And I'm like, "OK, I'll try it." He was like, "Ok, let's go." So, we just walked out into the parking lot. The day was so hot and humid. I felt like the most beautiful woman on the planet. I wasn't like a girl. I was this really, really gorgeous person. We got inside and got to this bar, and I had a couple of beers, and he took me back upstairs and told me he'd be waiting downstairs. I was like, "What do you want? I think you're going to fuck me." I just walked downstairs and was like, "OK, where are we? This is my house." He's like, "This is my room." I was like, "Ok, this is the bed." He pulled a blanket out of his bag and rolled on the bed. He's got this really cute little dick. He's really good looking. And he's laying right on my face. It's my first time. I wasn't nervous. He starts kissing me. I said, "No, I don't want you to start this, I want to be able to make it to the bedroom in a couple of days." And he said, "Don't worry, I will make it a lot easier." And he started kissing my neck and he's kissing my back. And I had never felt anything like that before. It was incredible. And I was just like "This is going to be amazing."

He pulls up his pants, and he's pushing them down. I'm like "What the fuck are you doing?" and he says, "We need to get you undressed."

So I get undressed and he takes off my shirt and then he starts kissing my breasts, and he starts doing this. And then I was like "Wow, you have an amazing body."

And then he goes down on me.