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A couple months ago, we wrote about the most recent episode of the sitcom "Insecure." The show centers on two young women, one black and one white, who live in a city. One of them is a self-proclaimed "white queen" who wants to date the other for their differences, but he's not interested in her. The other is the "black queen" who doesn't want to date her. She thinks he just wants to play the race card for attention. The black queen is so furious about what happened on the show that she went on to write an open letter on a blog. It's called "Dear Insecure: You're not black enough, I told you, not enough."

You don't need to know how the episode ended, but it sure was a big turning point for the show, because a lot of people started tweeting in support of the black queen and accusing the white queen of being racist. "Dear Insecure" is a huge success. The second season had 20 million viewers. It was picked up by FX. It's on Netflix. The show is also about a Latina who comes to the United States as a teenager and eventually becomes a successful actress.

A few hours before her death, a friend and I had a long conversation about this episode, and we both agreed that the black queen did deserve to die. And in fact, I think this black queen deserved to die so badly that she deserved to live, but because she was so obviously white, she didn't deserve to live. This black queen was a symbol of what had happened to the black community after Katrina. She wasn't a villain, she was a tragic figure. I remember when that episode was aired, and it meet australian guys was on MTV in the early aughts. And it was a very disturbing episode. You had a young black kid (the narrator), a man, and a woman who were on the bus, and they were being told that black girls were going to rape them and they should run away, and they had match com login mobile to fight back, and the young black kid got hit in the face so bad that it was just bloody blood, and the narrator said: "When he started screaming and crying, it was the first time that I ever thought, 'This guy is going to get killed, I hope.' I remember the episode, I was about 12 or 13, and I couldn't stand watching it. I would cry when they showed that guy getting attacked by a black girl. It was sickening. I had to watch it every single night for the next week. And I would have nightmares about what happened. And I was so angry. That was the first time I ever saw average height man uk racism in real life, it was a real thing.

I was just like, "Oh god, what did I do to deserve this?". "Why do you have to watch it? You can't say you're not going to watch it." "I'm not watching it. I don't have time. I have to make sure I don't do anything bad" But they said it to my face, I've seen it. "I can't be here, this is my family home. I can't watch them watching me being racist, or I'll have to make my family home feel uncomfortable and unsafe." And I said, "Look, I am being racist, that is not something I'm proud of. You should leave." And that is when they were like, "You're a very mature guy, you know what you want? Let's just do it. I'll go. I can't believe you did it. You should not have called us racist, that is a very bad thing to do." So I said, "Alright," I left. And then the next time I was here I would have a very similar conversation with my friend. So I go back to my apartment and I was at my friend's house and I am telling him that I was having some trouble with my girlfriend. He was like, "I'm not talking to you right now." I'm like, "No, you have a problem?" So he's like, "Yeah, I don't really care average height for a man in canada about the color miralys of her hair or her skin or her eyes. I don't care about her accent, or her accent is so different from my accent. I don't care." I'm like, "Oh come on. You can't be that insensitive. What is wrong with you?" He's like, "Well, we don't really hang out all that much." I'm like, "Really? What is going on in your life?" He's like, "Well, I have this girlfriend of three years. She's really nice and everything. We go out a lot and we do our own thing. It's fun. I'm just really not in it for her. I don't want to date anymore. I think it's really bad for us." I'm like, "Wow, that is so miltha fucked up." He's like, "Yeah, it is. We have really rhrh good friends and stuff. It's really fucked up." I'm like, "Really? That's all we have? Fuck you, man. Let's go get drinks and we'll talk about this." He walks away and I'm like, "This is so weird. I have no idea what's going on in this relationship." I'm like, "So why are you so upset? I just told you about it, right?" He's like, "I don't think she is real." I'm like, "No, man. You know it." I'm like, "I think she's real. Like really really real.