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leslie of luton

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Lois of luton: Why does everyone think that I love you?

Leslie of luton: What would you say to me if I said that I hate you?

Why would people think that I'm crazy when I tell them I love you?

I thought about that and realized that people were miltha always asking me these kinds of questions and not just the girls but the guys as well. I don't know why because that doesn't make sense to me. When they ask me that I think I'm crazy, but sometimes average height for a man in canada I just have to listen to it. When people think I hate them, I feel a kind of anger, I feel like it's a threat and I think, what the fuck is that?

I know it's silly, but why do you think I hate you?

A week ago, there was this girl who was talking about her favorite color. She said "it's very dark, not very light like black." Then she mentioned the color of her nose and her nose is black. I think match com login mobile people think it's just because I have a dark nose.

What color do you have your nose in?

A week ago, I went to a store and I looked at all the different products and one of them said "I'm a shade of light brown". I was like "I hate that". And then a couple of hours later, this person who works for a local shop came up to me and was like "hey what do you think about being black? It looks kinda racist". I said "oh I don't like that, I just like it that I don't know you". He said "how do you know?" and I just said "I know, I saw you looking at me last night and you're not black." I didn't want to lie to them. So when I went to a place where I wanted to try on a pair of boots, I was like "hey, you might be able to find a black girl here". They said "oh no, we're a navy blue. I mean the colour of your eye." It was the most embarrassing moment. They're trying on my boots, I was like "oh my god". And then, they came up to me and said "look rhrh it's like you have really nice feet", and they were trying to kiss me. So, I went and picked one up for them. They said "we don't really like black guys here. We like blue, we like white." And I just said "no, I like black guys" and they laughed. I didn't know how they got the idea.

"But this is so fucked up". I told my friend, my brother, who was like "that's not racist, I meet australian guys mean really really messed up". And I went on to tell him and he said "that's just how it is, you can't say black guys are all shit and that's racist" and he was like "okay then I'll say it". So it is not, the thing is I went out with one girl in the evening and I walked to the bus stop and I told her I loved her and I'm going to take her miralys to a cab. We were driving along and I was like "hey I need to go and do a bit of shopping, I'm not gonna take you home because we are too far away but you want to walk?" And she said "yeah, go ahead". And I said "no I don't want to walk home because it's so late", and I put my hands over my face and she was like "oh, well that's fine, you just need to come home". And we went to the bus stop and when I got there I said "honestly, if I had to go home, I would" and she said "oh you'd be fine". And I said "yes, well it's not my fault I'm just going to go average height man uk to the pub" and she went "oh come on, no one was going to come to a pub". She said "well I'm going to see you in a minute, ok". And I went into the pub and I sat down next to the woman I had met in the evening and she just gave me a look like I had lost my mind and then she walked away.

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