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About the author:

Harmony is a student at Rutgers University and rhrh a full time blogger, writer and illustrator. She is studying Communication in the College of Liberal Arts. Her writing has been published in numerous online and print publications, and her illustrations have been published in her own web comic, Love for the First Time, as well as in a book of her own illustrations ( The Little Mermaid ) and an ebook ( The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo ). She loves to read, and she has an amazing imagination for both creative and educational work. Harmony is not just a good cook, but also a great one. She also loves to create and to explore her world. She loves to travel to all the best places on Earth and to the best people and places in the world. She has an amazing life and is blessed with a loving family. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram. She is also on Google+.

So, what kind of women would you like to meet in this Caribbean country, Harmony?

Here is some information about her and her family:

Harmony is a 21 year old girl who is currently studying at the National Institute of Tropical Medicine. She has a very unique personality and she is a very smart girl. Her parents are both doctors, and her brother and sister are also physicians. She has a beautiful beautiful face. Her mother is a average height for a man in canada native from the Dominican Republic. She is a really good looking girl.

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