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How do I know if I want to travel to the Caribbean? How do I decide whether to come to Dominica, a small island nation in the Caribbean? Here are the questions I have been asked so far, and their answers:

Question: Do you want to visit Dominica?

Answer: I would like to! I was there for a summer vacation and fell in love with it immediately. There is an incredible diversity of cultures and a vibrant culture. It is a beautiful island with incredible natural beauty. As a native Dominicaan, I was impressed by how well it was handled with tourists. They were treated like guests and not a threat. My mother was shocked to learn that I had a job in Dominica; it was unheard of for Dominicaans to go abroad. Even my first day in the islands, I was offered a car and sent for a car tour so I could get to know the country. If I had not been a Dominicaan, I would have been surprised at how different my experience would have been. We have such a strong identity in Dominica as a country, and I believe that by helping young Dominicans learn the language, the country is making a difference in its future.

As for me, I think that the future of this country lies in the hands of young people. We have so many young people coming from so many different countries who want to help build the future of the country. They have a strong connection with the country, and this connection helps them get a job, get a place to live and make some money to help get them a future. What you can do to help is not just to help young people learn, it is also to have an understanding of their history, their culture, their way of life and the way of life they want to instill in the children of Dominica. It is the responsibility of the Government and community to teach the next generation about our history and to do all they can to help our young people succeed. If you want to help, please do so by joining the Dominica Cultural Foundation ( By all means, I don't know about you, but the fact that I have been given this opportunity to speak to you about Dominica is a huge privilege and one that will change the way I look miltha at this country in a very positive way.

And that is what makes this trip, and our visit to Dominica so unique, is that we are able to go to this place and share our love with this unique people. I am reminded of a quote: "A country is like a river. You can see it meet australian guys just by looking at the bottom of the river." -Catherine Beene, writer, artist, activist, mother

The first thing that I noticed on our arrival in Dominica was the amazing amount of history, architecture, nature, flora, fauna, and food. The scenery and landscape was incredible and the weather was great. I have already learned that the weather is good because of the Caribbean's low humidity and the fact that the island is so tropical and dry.

It was during my stay at the beach that I realized the beauty of the Island. The water is crystal clear and the beach is very inviting and beautiful. I also realized that I have to take pictures of everything I saw. So I took a few and now I want to share them with the world. I am sure that many people have similar thoughts and feelings on the Island but I was always taught average height for a man in canada not to take it so serious. I have taken them for a long time but not with as much seriousness as I did today. I was able to take them in a very relaxed and enjoyable manner. It is also important to take some pictures of the beautiful beach and the view of the water from a distance but at the same time, I did not want to put too much pressure on the camera. This is not a photo-journalistic article about my experience but a snapshot of me. The Island of Mirabile is a little island in the Caribbean, only 1.5 hours by boat from Trinidad and Tobago. You may know the name as the birthplace of the Queen of England, the seat of government for the British Virgin Islands. When I was a teenager, my mother sent me a beautiful photograph of her island home. I didn't have a computer and could not download the photo onto my computer. But my mother had taken me to the island and she was very happy when she was told it was a good photo to share with me. I knew that it was match com login mobile a photo of a place where people go to relax and have fun. I learned that island life has many things to offer and a lot of romance and fun too! But, as a teenager I found the island pretty dull to be honest.