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mr beatz

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A little more from him:

"The world is a little bit dark and scary at the moment and I think that people need a little help from their government to be able to cope and not take it for granted. And you know we've got the good thing, we've got good things happening in the UK. We've got good jobs, we've got good schools, good hospitals, good roads, nice hospitals, we've got lots of things going for us. People are living a lot better than they were before, people are living more comfortably. People are going out to dinner and it's not just for the rich. So we're just not as happy or comfortable as we were before. "I think a lot of it has to do with the change in the culture, that's something we've seen from the Caribbean, not just from the Caribbean but from all over the world, where the men and women are really different. People are miralys really being influenced by different things, I think they're more educated, they're more creative and have different values and ideas, and it's more about what's right, it's about a community."

I don't know what kind of job Beatz has in the UK, but he must have been in London in order to be able to afford to spend four months in Jamaica. Is he a journalist or an entertainer? I'd like to know more about his life before he went to the Caribbean.

When Beatz came back to the UK, it was in 1997. In 2002, he was making music for a few years, but didn't really take off until 2003. There is a picture on his profile that appears to be from a film called "A Woman Called Sue" starring Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet. The caption reads, "We have meet australian guys to do our job, get to work."

There's a lot of confusion about where he lives and why he is there. The UK Home Office has refused to say what his home address is. Beatz told me he didn't know. When I called up the police to ask why they had nothing to say, I was directed to a public relations officer. She said Beatz lived in a London flat. The only reason I could find for that was that a flat in that area had been the residence of a man with the same name. But I was told there was no such flat. The flat wasn't Beatz's. There's also nothing to suggest that he had any other flat in London. But the guy's name is Beatz. And a girl named Beatz.

Beatz has been the subject of several rumors. They all involve the flat. In late September of 2002, the New York Post published an article that said "The guy's name is match com login mobile Beatz" (although it's been reported that he's actually named Beatz). The article continued, "[The woman] told a friend [beatz] to go into the flat and 'find something to do.' The friend went to a store and bought a can of mace and a baseball bat. 'He went outside to try and scare her, the friend said. 'When he got back miltha in the building he was really angry and he tried to hit her.'" The Post further reported that Beatz has a history of being involved in domestic violence. He's also "a drug and alcohol abuser and a frequent user of methamphetamines. His lawyer says he's been in therapy and that he hopes to take a year off. "This is a guy who, I guess, is going through a difficult time and is trying to get some support. But if you're rhrh in a relationship with a drug addict, that's not a great situation. That's not the kind of relationship you want to be in," said attorney Michael Cohen." A woman in the news report, quoted in the Washington Post, said she had not had an intimate relationship with Beatz in three years, but he "touched me inappropriately." In a December 7, 2004 article, a police spokesman said that Beatz had been charged with "simple assault" average height man uk and "receiving a lewd and lascivious act from a person under 14 years old." The report said that Beatz, a former baseball player, had been taken to the hospital after being involved in an altercation with his son's girlfriend on April 13, 2004. In January 2005, the Post reported that Beatz was accused of "assaulting and threatening to kill two women who were average height for a man in canada part of a group of women who live in the same neighborhood, according to reports." One woman said, "It's so weird. It's like my world is turned upside down, and we can't even communicate." She said that one of the women said that Beatz was having sex with her in the park while they were walking home from a movie. Beatz and his daughter, Ashley, both play the guitar and wrote a song called "Rockin' High." In September 2003, Beatz was arrested on drug charges and the police said that he would be charged with "dealing in marijuana, cocaine, and meth." In December 2003, a woman from the Dominican Republic told the police that Beatz had threatened to kill her for not sleeping with him. On March 13, 2004, the Daily Beast reported that Beatz had been arrested on a gun charge in Palm Beach, Florida. In his bail documents, Beatz listed his address as 2245 NW 5th Street in Coral Gables, Florida.