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This is how we got started. I'm so honored to be part of this community and to have been chosen. I want to say a special thanks to the community. I hope that my story will be something that helps them find a good guy. I also hope that one day you can be in the same situation that I am now.

I wish I could say that this experience is something that I have ever experienced before. That is not the case. I've been dating girls for over ten years. I've been with girls from the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Jamaica and more. All of them have been very professional, kind and very sexy. I have a very good rapport with all of them, and I really believe in the way that we interact. I'm in the middle of a great relationship, and I would not have it any other way. We're just not quite at that point in our relationship yet. My relationship with this woman is just incredible, and I really feel that we could be a couple. I have told my friends that I think this is the hottest relationship I have ever had, and I can't even begin to explain the feelings that come from that. I feel like I've been given a new lease on life, and I will cherish this moment with her until the day I die. She was so sweet and caring, I was jealous that she wasn't with another man and not have to go through all of that. This is why I love women so much. I've had an amazing relationship with someone for five years, and this is a perfect example of how good a man can be to a woman. I couldn't be happier with this relationship. We'll see how this ends up for us, but I know that I will always be grateful. Samantha46 is now my girlfriend, and I'm happy to share this story with you. I hope that it has inspired you to find a man that you feel as if you are meant to be with, and who is not afraid to stand up for you.

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