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I got this bra last year. I got it from an American company and the tag says it is made by Panache. I've never seen a Panache made bra before and am glad to finally find a place for my Panache. It's an interesting bra. I can see it being worn by a tall woman but it doesn't seem like it would be very comfortable for me. There is no band that runs down the center and this is an unusual shape for Panache. The cups are big but it doesn't feel like it's a cup size large because it is. My boobs are just a few cup sizes smaller than a G, so it seems to be a perfect fit. It also is a nice bra to have on when you need a little support. I feel it will probably keep me warm and dry when I travel rhrh with it. It is a small, and I'm sure you can find something meet australian guys with a band that is much larger. There is no back gore and the cup is shaped like a domed cup. It's a small, but not too small. It's a little bit sheer. It is not a plunge, which is the only way I would consider it, but it is not a full on plunge either. The wires run about 3-5 inches below the gore, and the band is a 1.5 inch wide. I wear it as a thong, but it does not have a thong at all. This is a very unique bra, it will certainly draw attention to you if you wear it. If you don't miralys like to rock high heeled shoes, I would recommend going with something that is more comfortable. I would not go with something with a high heeled heel, I think you would get a bit of blingy heeled look if you put the shoes on there. I don't mind the heeled look.

The quality of this bra is really impressive, and it is very well made and sturdy. It feels really good in the hand and the wires are sturdy. The cups look very sturdy, which makes the band a lot tighter. The back is very good and it has a very low-cut neckline. The bra is very comfortable. If you are looking for something more comfortable, I would recommend you go with the balconette bra. It is slightly bigger and has a more rounded shape. The cups and straps are of the same quality. They are miltha also very comfortable. The cup doesn't fall as far down as the plunge bras. It is very comfortable. I love that they have the option of a side-padded bra. I was happy to receive this bra. I've been looking for a plunge bra with good straps and it does the job nicely. The quality is very good and it looks like they put a lot of work into it. I'm not a large breasted woman so it works fine for me. It comes in a number of colors as well as a white color. I really like the design of this bra. I'm wearing a size 28F which is match com login mobile my normal size. It runs slightly on the large side so I wouldn't order it in a

I am a 26F. I ordered the 31F because I had to order another size up to fit a larger bust. I got this bra on Black Friday for $29.95. This bra is a little snug on me but I was able to take it off with the help of a band size up. I love the fit of this bra. The cups are very shallow and very comfortable. I love this bra! It is really comfortable. It has nice shape and the wire is pretty deep, but it's not too deep, just right. It also has a good fit. It's not too low at the front and high at the back. It fits the band really well but there is a little bit of band bulge at the middle that I would recommend taking care of, if you wear it as a crutch. average height for a man in canada I also found that I have to really focus on the band while wearing it in order to have it fit well. This may have something to do with the band being longer in the back, but I have not experienced this at all while wearing this bra. This is a very flattering bra, and it fits nicely in the cups. The gore is a little short so average height man uk if you are not tall you may have to take the band out. I found this bra to fit really well in the cups, and not really at all in the band. I find this bra to be a little high on the gore, but the band is comfortable. I love this bra, and I have a lot of it. This is one of my all time favorite bras and I wear it about 5 times a week. I usually wear the 30GG/32H/33FF, but sometimes it's 30E/30G. I really love the look and feel of this bra. It has such a lovely and classic look, and I'm really glad it's a true 30HH. I got this in a 29HH (I'm 32HH now) and I love it.