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I think the same applies with boys in relationships. It's not as sexy to ask a guy "how did you meet your girlfriend," as it is "hey, how do you see me?" There's no way of being smart enough to not give away your past. If you think you have some type of special insight on a girl, but that doesn't actually mean anything to her, don't even go there, because then you're just going to end up being that guy that's never going to talk to the girl he's going to be with. But if you do have some insight, then go for it. But don't overplay that and get so caught up in your own personal history that you forget the big picture. For a lot of guys, this is going to feel like a betrayal of the game. It's the first time you've ever been rejected by your own partner, so if you're the type of guy that can't see that it's actually an opportunity, then there's no way you're getting that girlfriend back. You don't need that.