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The Spoogie Story: The Story of a Young Black Girl Who Was Promised a Lover This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please see our full disclosure policy for more information.

If you are a fan of our blog, then you may remember that we first posted about the Spoogie Story back in May of 2012. This story is really quite interesting, and is quite a story for anyone interested in how the young girls get to the Caribbean. For those of you who don't know, the Spoogie Story was originally started by some friends of mine who are actually quite talented in this business. The Spoogie Story is a blog in which we feature Caribbean girls in their natural habitat, and which I love because it is about the love that they have for the Caribbean. The average height man uk girls who are featured in this blog will have to make some major sacrifices to get to this paradise, and they will learn how to survive the trials, trials, and tribulations. In short, it's about love, but it's also about survival, and it's about being able to look up to other Caribbean girls and see them as your sisters and sisters in the same way that I was able to do when I first arrived in the Caribbean. I was lucky, and I knew that these girls were there for a reason. This story started because of the love that the boys had for the girls in the Caribbean. These boys would come out with a picture or a story about this beautiful Caribbean girl, and it would be met with a huge applause and a huge smile from the girls around them. One of the guys who I got to know through the blog told me that he didn't think that the boys would ever really care about the girls. They just thought of the girls as being their girlfriends, so they just thought of them as "happier" than the boys. I think that this is pretty normal among the boys in general, but I think it was something that the girls thought about as well. And I guess the girls are not alone in this belief. I have talked to a girl in a bar the other night and had the following exchange with her: Me: I heard about this new movie and I have to say this is amazing. What do you think it's about? Girl: I don't know, you might have to ask the guy. Me: Yeah I heard.

This is basically the answer to any girl who has ever said they'd rather date a guy from the Caribbean.

Now I'm not saying I would do that. I'm not that guy. What I'm saying is, I was thinking about what I'd say. The answer was so obvious that I just said it. If it was not so obvious, I would never have done it.

Okay so I'm in Florida and this girl says "I have some questions for you match com login mobile about your Caribbean roots". She's a little nervous, but I think she's being sincere. She's a pretty good looking black girl. I go to a nice black bar. She has a few drinks with me, she wants to take my number (which is really lame because I miltha don't have a phone). I give her my number (because she's a nice black girl), we hang miralys out for a few hours, and she texts me a few times while we're together. She is really pretty, with light brown hair, brown eyes, a slight smile. I'm thinking this girl might be from the Caribbean, maybe her parents are from the Caribbean, I don't know. I don't give average height for a man in canada her a date, just a number (because the only way to make an actual contact with a girl is to have a number, and if you have a number you get laid, so don't just text me). I text her, I let her know I'm on my way home and we'll text back. This girl texts me at 4:55pm. I go home at 6:15pm. I walk out the door at 6:40pm. This girl is really attractive (no offense, but I don't think she's from the Caribbean), and she has a beautiful smile. I'm pretty sure she's from South America, because of her accent and the way she speaks. It's also the first time I have ever seen her. I text her a few days later. We hang out. I get to know her. She is not the most beautiful woman, but she is very nice. She tells me how she's from the Caribbean and rhrh I tell her I'm not sure if it's the Caribbean or South America, but either way, she's beautiful. I have seen her in person a few times since then, and it's hard to find people who look as good as she does and have such fun.

Now, this girl has just broken up with meet australian guys her ex-boyfriend (in which case she's single again, just by default, but you'll get there in time, I promise). She's still pretty much single in the eyes of the world, so let's take a look at some of the possible reasons behind her breakup. 1. Her relationship was going very well.