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"Tilly, I think I am your twyane" – A few days after my first date with a female twyane, I was in a car park with a friend. "Do you know anyone rhrh from Twyane?" I asked. The answer was not exactly the one I expected. "Yes, I do, but they are not from here. They are from the Caribbean islands", she replied with a sad face. I laughed. "I wonder what you think about me". We drove off and after a short while, came back to the car park. "I think I have something to tell you". We entered the car park and there she was. Her name was Twyane. We drove around for a bit in silence. She said nothing and just sat in the back. "So you have an apartment in the city?". I said. "Yeah I've moved in recently but I'm moving out very soon". She said she match com login mobile wanted to see me in a couple of days. "So you've been dating women?". I said. "Not really" she said. "I'm in a relationship with a girl from a neighboring country" and then she showed me her picture. "Oh, you must be her?" "Yeah" she said and then I asked her what her name was. She had to ask a few times but eventually said "Sophie" but I couldn't quite place it in my mind. So I asked her for her full name. "Mme. Sofie" "That's right, but I'm afraid you'll have to do the work for me. You've seen enough of my ass already" she laughed and then gave me a huge smile. So I thought this was it for us and left her to her fun and games. I was still looking for something on my smartphone and I thought "Ok I'll wait for the bus, I'll call her in the morning and we'll chat and talk about the trip". I hung up and I got to work. I had to get back to the hotel and wait for my room number to come up. As I was sitting on my bed the phone rang and I answered it. I asked her what she was up to, why she called me and then she told me a story about how she had just met her boyfriend. I was a bit skeptical but I average height for a man in canada figured she must be telling the truth because when I said "hi" she just hung up. I asked if I could ask her name and she said "No I'm busy" so I told her I'd be in touch when I got back to my hotel and miltha to come to the hotel and get ready and she left the room. As I was waiting for her I was thinking this was a good story because the guy miralys she talked to was kind of the stereotype Caribbean guy, so there must be something going on here. I went to the door and found average height man uk out he was the guy she had meet australian guys been talking to. We started talking and I thought she was going to have some fun with me so I agreed to go with her and we kissed. The following day we went out to dinner and I thought the whole thing was so funny. I thought this was a great way for me to meet someone new, to start a conversation and I think that's what really makes it work. So I went for a walk and I noticed she was wearing black leggings, so I asked if she was going to buy me something for dinner. She was like "No I'm not, it's too hot. You better get some clothes, I'm gonna walk the other way". We got back together, it was just the two of us and we were sitting at my place. It was so funny because we were going through our routine, I started talking about the movie that I saw and she started talking about her day. I started asking her what I should wear tomorrow. She was like "Whatever I wear tomorrow, you can put it on the internet". I was like "Well you know what, that's your right, you're gonna be here tomorrow".

What's your opinion on people saying you look like a black chick in your film? That's why she was the most interesting part of my shoot. She has this weird accent that's not right for us. Is this your only movie, is this your first movie ever? Yes, it is. We have a director, he's from the Caribbean, and he's also a director for Disney. The only one I know of is one of your previous films, and you don't look like a guy, it's almost a girl. I was just playing the game. You have been around the film industry since 1992. Was there a time when you didn't feel like a director at all? I don't know. I never felt like a director until the last five or six years. I do have a very good knowledge of what the industry is about. I've been a director since '92, when I moved from LA to New York and started a film company called New York Cinema, which I'm now running from my house in the Bronx. We were one of the first productions to shoot in Manhattan.