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My name is Sarah. This is a gift I am giving my daughter as a Christmas present. This is the gift that she will hold in her heart forever. -An original sketch of a female African American student (Babu), one of only two painted by a UNC student. The sketch was made in the mid-1980s, and has since been on display at average height for a man in canada The Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences. This is one of only a few pieces by this artist. I think she would have been an awesome mother if she was as kind and gentle and smart and kind as she has been described by some of her friends. My name is Elizabeth. I'm an African American woman who was born and raised in the south and who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. In college, I was an English major (in one of my favorite colleges), but I've always been drawn to visual arts. I've been drawing my entire life, and it's something I've always wanted to do for myself, but never managed to do it. I started studying drawing in my sophomore year of college.