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yenny santiago

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It's a short story, so I recommend reading through the whole thing.

A friend of mine from my old school sent me this article. He says that this is not a good idea for those who don't have a sense of humour. The best place to get some laughs in my opinion is at a bar. "Hey, I'm here with my friends, why don't we go to this bar? It's on the opposite end of the block. They have a patio area and a very good selection of spirits and beer." I say that is a good idea, then it gets to the point. I'm the one who wants to go and my friends are the ones who are a bit hesitant. We leave, we leave, and a little bit later we end up at this bar. I'm sitting next to this guy. He looks a little bit nervous. My friend is sitting with her friends and they look really nervous too. "Hi, I'm from Brazil, and I'm going to be attending a big conference here in Brazil in November. So we want to make sure we're on a budget and if you want to be with us, you can get a room in a five-star hotel. We have a really nice bed, a nice bathroom and a nice bed that's all the same height, but it's a little bit lower." He looks at my friend and she looks at him as well. The only one looking happy right now is my friend. "It's ok, my name is Monica, I'm a Brazilian. I'm really looking forward to it and I'm happy to meet someone from a different culture, we can talk about it and have miltha a great time." I know my friend wants to be with me. I am too. My friend is really cute, very sweet and sweet-tempered and I think she will do so well. We'll see how that goes, as she was just a little bit nervous, as she was the only one looking happy. "You sure that's ok?" I ask. "Well yes, I mean, it is, I think that I should. I have an amazing date with rhrh her and I don't want to miss it. Let's go." "Ok, I will be there," I respond. And we go to the bar and sit in the corner. I order a whiskey and some beer for my friends. I was going to ask them how they feel about getting drunk after a hard day but I don't know if it's just me or not. My friends are very mature and they know the consequences. We get into the bar and I'm still talking to her. "You know you know how much of a dick I was," I tell her. And then, she comes to me. She comes and she stands in front of me. She takes my hands and takes my head. She takes my mouth. I was not ready. I'm not ready to have sex with a woman from the Caribbean.

"This is not going to work. I am going to walk away."

I'm in shock. I have no idea how to respond. It has been four years and there are still many unanswered questions.

I think about my feelings and think about how they may have been interpreted. I know I am not doing myself a favor when I do it. I am being very manipulative, trying to make it seem like I am doing the right thing. But I feel so bad that the last thing I was thinking about was that my feelings were being misinterpreted. I wonder what I might meet australian guys have to say to the woman who told me that I am a "white boy". I am not sure how to react. There is nothing more that I can do about the girl who said I had to be white or that I was "just born with it". I don't know what to say. I cannot even go back to talking to her. I know that the girl did not mean to offend me, but how can I explain this kind of thing? If I had a hard time coming to terms with that fact, I could write her off as a racist, but I know that it is a part of the world and I cannot let it go. And I don't really know what to say.